Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beef Tagliata - Steak and salad gets an upgrade.

It's summer. It's hot, and just the tie for a nice steak and salad recipe. The picture looks easy enough. Steak and salad. And you know what? For once, it actually was simple.

Here are the steps:
  1. Cook the steak
  2. Infuse olive oil with herbs, then add lemon
  3. Slice up your steak.
  4. Put dressing over the lettuce and serve.
See? Totally doable. Maybe that steak and salad you're doing tonight might benefit from an upgrade?

Okay, I started by preparing the ingredients. This is a good idea, because while the meat is cooking you're going to be doing a lot of meat flipping.

 Crush some garlic, make a long piece of zest and juice your lemon.
 Get a plate ready with a wire rack.
 Wash an dry your rocket. (Or mixed salad greens, as that's what I had on hand.)
 Heat up a heavy bottomed fry pan and add the oil.
 Season your steaks with salt.
 Start to fry them, flipping every 15 seconds.

If you have a family who prefers their steaks medium to well done, take out yours while you finish theirs off.

 Okay, all done and resting on their rack.
 Discard the extra oil (but keep the pan as is for those tasty meat flavours).

Rub the lemon strips to get the oils moving.
Heat up some oil (Heston calls for 120g - but really I think this was way too much.  Unless you were making it for a lot more than 4 people.)
 Infuse the garlic and rosemary in the heated oil.

Add the lemon juice.
Then strain the whole lot. I didn't expect this infusing to make as much a difference as it did. Definitely good smells at this stage.
Add the juices from the steak plate and mix it all up.
Slice your steak thinly. You can see my I-like-it-rare steak and husband and childling's medium.
Spoon over some dressing. (As I mentioned before I found there was a lot more dressing than needed, even allowing for us making it for three people.)
Dress the salad with the same dressing.
Add parmesan shavings.
(Apologies for the head shadow. My junior photographer is still learning.)

This was an excellent dish, dare I even say it a midweek dish. Never thought I'd say that about Heston! The infused lemon, garlic and rosemary flavours definitely added to the overall tasty. This was a delicious and unfussy dish.

Doing it again (and we will) I'll dial the oil right back, maybe even using half the infused oil in another dish, and then just making half the amount of dressing. Very tasty, but I didn't use a good portion of the dressing and still felt it had a little too much.

Guest opinions:
  • Really tasty! 
Next time: More summer dishes - Peach and Parma ham salad and Diamond Jubilee Strawberry Crumble Crunch.

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  1. Sorry for being so slow to comment. Another awesome write-up, Kita!

    My steak preference is closer to your husband's, whereas Ling likes hers as close to raw as possible. Either way we reckon this is a great recipe. We totally agree with you about there being too much oil though!

    We're both huge fans of rocket and Parmesan, so we've taken to serving a variant of this dish, with the leaves as a side salad, lightly dressed with the oil.

    For another weeknight Heston-fix we'd totally recommend the Carbonara recipe as well