Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No Fat Duck Melbourne table for me. Cue the crushing disappointment.

So I, unfortunately like another 76,000 people did not get a table at the Fat Duck for it’s Melbourne sojourn.

I am terribly disappointed, as you might imagine.  Also, though I am down for the wait list, this becomes problematic for me as last minute flights across the country (I live in the West) can be hard to get and very pricey and so may make it very difficult for me to manage.

Unfortunately, none of the dozen other people I know who put down for a table got one either. We were collectively very unlucky – with a 1 in six chance, someone should have lucked out. It saddens me that I can’t even live vicariously via someone I love.

So, if you are reading, and got one? Please, please blog about it, and send me the link. Or email me. I need to hear that the people who went loved and appreciated it as much as I hoped to. I am so very envious. Sigh.

Next post, I promise to be in better humour and with more food blogging. 
I have plans for a high tea….